Panel 1: We see the back of Saul’s hat, head and jacket, he has entered the Smith Palace Hotel. The front hall is dominated by the shiny lacquer staircase that leads to the second floor inner balcony. Ornate ceiling lamps and wall candles brighten the hotel’s tasteful timbers and plaster walls and provide illumination to the many men and women active on the first floor; stage left there’s an exquisitely carved long bar, with a bartender in powder blue uniform serving a guy in a floppy cowboy hat. Beyond the drinker, two scantily clad females talk amongst themselves and wait; behind them a woman in pink dances, another knocks back liquor jug, and two men in sombreros sit at a card table. Caption: “The hotel was, by far, the best spot in the county, and not just for its superb decor and fine gas lamps.”

Panel 2: Caption: “The Smith Palace Hotel had the best bourbon in Western Missouri…” Close-up of the drinker, a bearded kid in floppy cowboy hat and worn, browned coat incongruous with his light, unworn, delicate skin, holding a half-full glass of bourbon.

Panel 3: Caption: “…and was the only place in the county grand ladies danced the Virginia reel and other dignified dances of their Southern foremothers.” A close-proximity view of two grand ladies, bell-shaped dancing belles gliding across the hotel’s hardwood floors. One lady in a flowing cotton ball gown of numerous pinks, dancing with a man in a gray, knee-length frock-coat over a blue dress-shirt, and the lady at right dancing in a floor-length dress of fine green and orange crinoline, hand-in-hand with an off-screen male.