Rallying The Troops

The scene shifts back to Theodore Roosevelt at Sagamore Hill.
Panel 1: The omniscient narrator explains: “Back at Sagamore Hill, TR addresses the newly re-constituted Rough Riders after drills at dawn…” In this jumbo, 2/3-page panel, we see TR himself in the coatless version of the Rough Riders uniform, (suspenders over a blue shirt with Army shoulder patches of golden cloth and a black collar with a golden USV–US Volunteers–pin, a hat and rough, yellowish gloves). Roosevelt leans back to holler with the fullest lungs he can muster; astride his mighty steed; he shouts to rally his troops, “…AND THAT’S WHY WE’LL SEE THIS THING THROUGH, RIGHT TROOPERS?!!”

Click here, Wikipedia – Rough Riders, to learn the history of the real regiment, officially the 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry

Panel 2: Some of the Rough Riders that have come to regroup with TR at Sagamore Hill are more than a little skeptical about this. We see four of the regiment’s troopers who’ve listened to Roosevelt’s rallying cry in front of an American flag and some of Sagamore’s naked, autumn trees. The man at far left, hatless and wearing a large neck bandana around his chest and shoulders, asks, “See what through?” The other tree troopers wear the coatless, blue uniform of the regiment. The second Rough Rider, wide hat atop his head, says “I thought we already seen it through,” his arms folded in consternation. The third trooper, an American Indian man, has some sort of native charm necklace hanging down his Army blues; he stands silent. The man at far right, hatless but in the regiment’s uniform, smirks; his speech bubble says “Heh.”

Panel 3: TR reacts to his soldiers; his speech bubble says “…” Dot dot dot. He doesn’t know what to say to his men. He stares off into the stark landscape, contemplative as the dawn brings gold to the sky and the American flag (seen in the previous panel) flaps in the breeze. The Roosevelts’ house, seen also on pgs 4-5, sits in the background.


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