Those are the undead enemy…!

Panel 1: The AUL chairwoman, with a big, red-feathered, charcoal-colored hat on her head and the regal purple Anti-Undead League banner behind her, speaks from the podium: “Welcome to the second meeting of the AUL, the Anti-Undead League.”
Panel 2: A second speech bubble from the AUL chairwoman extends from her first speech bubble in Panel 1, “Tomorrow will be a week since the dead began rising, what the yellow press is calling the ‘Zombie apocalypse.'” Behind this speech bubble is Margaret, who was seen on Page 1 in the center of the audience; she’s sitting silently with eyes reddening and a sickly greenish hue to the face.


Panel 3: The chairwoman continues, “Yet our government does nothing!” Behind the speech bubble, Margaret has become a zombie, her eyes a demonic red. She’s going “GRAAAHH” in zombie hunger; in fact, she’s zombie-ing so hard, she’s turned the entire background red.


Panel 4: The chairwoman reacts, solemnly stating, “Clearly Margaret’s been zombified” and in a separate, lower speech bubble, “Can you ladies handle this so I can continue?”


Panel 5: We only see the AUL chairwoman at her podium as orange letters “click click BLAM” waft up from the audience (indicating Margaret was shot) and the lady seated beside the podium looks on in horror. The chairwoman says, “Thank you. Continuing on…”


Panel 6: She continues, “There is a protest at Bellevue Hospital ‘Those are the undead enemy, not patients!’ tomorrow afternoon. After that, a class on zombie preparedness and headshot target practice.”
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