Oh, the agony of the hoof!

For page 4 of the “Saul’s first day as a Pharmacist” series (page 5 overall) I got caught up painting all the colors, the shading, the details of this horse Dr. Bailey is packing.  After beginning with the penciled line drawing, the blank, colorless outlines (which you can see here) I became obsessed, spending weeks on Dr. Bailey’s horse. I became crazed, randomly yelling “damn you, horse!” or “the hoof! aackkghhh!”

Dr. Bailey's horse, initial colors. Note the many different golds in the tail, dozens of different browns and reds on the back and leg, etc...

“The hoof alone has 14 colors! Aarrrrgh”

“No one will know about the agony of the hoof unless you post about it,” Alejandra said, and the idea behind this post was born.

Finally, I finished the unneeded exquisite equine detail; Dr. Bailey’s horse was complete!

Though it cost me weeks, I had created the most beautiful horse’s ass ever seen by mankind! *crazed expression*

See the horse on the finished page here.  (Dr. Bailey’s horse appears briefly again on the subsequent page, carrying the doctor away, sans insane detail).

Look for other panels with intense detail in future pages!