Pixel art educational webcomic’

Nick Dupree

Page 1:

Panel 1: “This is a football field. Fields in the NFL are 120 yards long, 53 yards wide.”

Panel 2: The right side of the field is highlighted pink. “One team defends its side of the field (50 yards) before its end zone,

Panel 3: and tries to score touchdowns in their opponents’ end zone, worth 6 pts & easy extra pt for the kicker” The end zone on the left edge of the field is highlighted pink.

Panel 4: “or get in good range for the kicker to hit a field goal (worth 3 pts).”  Red-clad offensive linemen hold back the blue-uniformed defenders as the kicker kicks the football from the place holder (player that holds the ball on the ground for the kicker). The kicker sends the ball over the linemen toward the goal, between the uprights (the two goal posts). The goal is at the end of the end zone and is bright yellow and orange.

Panel 5: “to determine the right to choose which team receives the football first, the ref flips a coin. Teams call heads or tails.”  Referee Two face (Batman villain) flips the coin.  Like in last Sunday’s Broncos/Patriots game with the overtime coin toss, the coin can be incredibly important.

Panel 6: The kicker winds up to kick off at the beginning of the game, the football steady in the middle of the green, held up only by a plastic stand. “After the winner of the coin toss chooses (usually to receive) the defending team kicks off to the receiving team & the game begins.”

Panel 7: The kicker unloads, kicking the ball.

Panel 8: ;The end zone at the right edge of the field is highlighted pink. “The kickoff’s objective is to get the ball as far as possible from your own end zone…”
“The kicking team tries to get the ball to bounce as close to the opponent’s 1 yard line as possible without going over. If caught within their end zone, the receiving team gets a “touchback,” resetting the offense’s starting-point to their own 20.”