The Story of Samson – Book of Judges: Chapter 14

as re-told & illustrated by Nick Dupree
Page 7

Verses 14.14-17

Samson’s Riddle:

Samson asks the Philistines a riddle about his encounter with honey in the lion carcass, the answer no one but him could give. Though Samson’s riddle is the only explicit example of a riddle in the Hebrew Bible, question and answer, it is based on a private experience the Philistines could not possibly know about, and therefore is more plain unfair wager and provocation than proper riddle.


Panel 1: and Samson bellows his riddle – “From the eater came out food, and out of the strong came out sweetness!” 14.14

Panel 2: but they could not tell the riddle for three days.
The muppety Philistines look at each other, puzzled.

Panel 3: And it was, on the (fourth) day, they said to Samson’s wife,
“Persuade your husband, so that he will tell us the riddle, lest we burn you and your father’s house with fire!!
“have you called us here only to impoverish us?”
Muppety Philistines, gathered about Samson’s wife’s head and shoulders, whispering threats.

Panel 4: 14.16: And Samson’s wife wept upon him, and said, “You only hate me and do not love me; the riddle you have asked my people, but to me you have not told it!”
Samson shrinks back, mildly chastened.

Panel 5: Samson flexes his muscles.
“To my father and mother I have not told it, and to you I shall tell it?”

Panel 6: And she wept upon him the 7 days that their feast lasted. 14.17
I depicted her literally weeping ON him, bodily, while he continues feasting, unmoved.

Panel 7: and it was, on the 7th day, that he told her, 14.17
Samson’s wife stares him down by the feasting table, hands on hips, and Samson throws his hands up in surrender.

Panel 8: because she had tormented him 14.17
She towers threateningly over the giant Samson, now mouse-sized, dwarfing him.