The Story of Samson – Book of Judges: Chapter 14

as re-told & illustrated by Nick Dupree
Page 6

Verses 14.9 through 14.13

Notes: “his father went down concerning the woman…” means Manoah talked to the Timnath woman’s male relatives to arrange the marriage, trading donkeys, money, or crops or whatever for this marriage.

When the term “went down” is used, such as (famously in Genesis) “went down to Egypt,” and, in this case “went down to Timnath,” rabbinic commentators see this as indicative of a spiritual descent more than a geographic direction.

In Dr. Everett Fox’s translation, he renders “a feast,” in 14.10 “drinkfest” as if pagan-Philistine Oktoberfest, and notes “By participating, Shimshon would be breaking another one of the Nazirite vows.” (p. 22)
Dead lion being the first strike.

Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn 146
The Wedding of Samson,” painted by Rembrandt, 1638.


Panel 1: And he separated it into his hands, 14.9
Samson, holding the beehive, RUNS! fleeing from a swarm of bees…

Panel 2: and he went on, eating as he went,
Samson, holding the beehive against his belly like a football, runs, continuing to book it in the opposite direction of killer bees, having given honey to his father (riding his donkey) and giving honey to his mom’s hand.
and he went to his father and mother and gave them, and they ate; but he did not tell them that he had separated the honey from the lion. 14.9

Panel 3: Now his father went down concerning the woman…  14.10
I pictured his father (Manoah) going to the house of a PHILISTINE man to arrange the marriage, awkward. 

Panel 4: and Samson made there a feast… 14.10
I depicted Samson feasting like the barbarian meme, om-nomming a leg of meat going BAR BAR BAR… the Greeks labeled non-Greeks barbarian because they thought non-Greek languages sounded like BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR! 

Panel 5: 14.12: Now Samson said to them, “Let me ask you a riddle, if you can tell it to me (within) the seven days of feasting and you will guess it, then.”

Panel 6: “But if you cannot tell it to me, then you shall give me thirty linen sheets and thirty suits of clothing…”  14.13
I show the Philistines he asked the riddle at the feast with a sort of muppety appearance. 

Panel 7: and they said to him, “Ask your riddle that we may hear it.” 14.13
the three Philistines’ interest is piqued, and they look up.