First, a little teaser for the upcoming page…

Nick as a drinker in a floppy cowboy hat, holding a glass of bourbon


Kind of how Alfred Hitchcock cameos in all his movies, on screen for 5 seconds as man on bus or random guy crossing the street.

Would you want a role as a character in fictional Sadie, Missouri during the Civil War? it’s a lot like being a historical reenactor…

Second, I need to ask y’all for more reality to insert, photos and information…  I’m asking, can you allow me Civil War reenactment photos, solely for the purpose of determining historical accuracy; i.e. I won’t violate privacy by painting the faces of reenactors (unless you’d want to be a character in the comic of course) I’m just needing to paint weapons, uniforms, horses and saddles as accurately as possible. I’d be especially interested in photos of battlefield medicine, sutlers’ carts and equipment, cavalry in action, and weapons in action.

Historical accuracy is a must for my artwork; I can’t stand getting it wrong. I need information about the players involved in 1861 Western Missouri especially Sedalia, the economy, the weapons, everything. Is it true that until 1863 Union forces had to rely on primitive muzzle-loading muskets (many flint-locks left over from the War of 1812 with cheap percussion-lock conversions)? What weapons did the rebel-aligned Missouri State Guard use?  I have buried myself in books, the ebook equivalent of having towers of books stacked on all sides of me, but having a person cut through all that with straight info is always a blessing.

All help with information and photos appreciated. Can reply here or email me at comics at

with gratitude,