What if Earthlings made first contact, but they weren’t humans?


Panel 1: We see Snowball’s visual of the alien. The alien has greenish brown fur, wears a helmet and wires leading to its ears and brain to aid the direct translation of binary to and from the spoken language of the alien. The alien’s mouth is open, and roaring, revealing teeth and saliva. The alien spacecraft translates the alien’s words into binary, and the Thumper XVI’s onboard computer translates the alien’s binary into English, as follows: “ATTENTION UNIDENTIFIED EARTH VESSEL: You have entered H’Kotha Confederation space without a tourist visa. You are also not the species listed for Earth in our address book!”

Panel 2: Captain Snowball reacts with a look of nervous curiosity and worry.

Panel 3: The alien messages continue: “explain yourself or be obliterated.”  Snowball, his expression serious, speaks, and it’s translated to the alien electronically: “What? I assure you, we come in peace! We are but bunnies scanning for resources!”

Panel 4: Outer space view: the alien spacecraft veers right and sends a hail of neon green particle at the Thumper XVI; Capt. Snowball would be a fireball if the Thumper XVI had not been as nimble as a rabbit! The alien roars: “You’d harvest our resources?! Die, PARASITE!

Panel 5: The Thumper XVI goes into a spin; we see Capt. Snowball upside down in his cockpit, holding onto his flight controls, shouting “evasive maneuvers! activate space suit evacuation protocol!”  Caption: “First contact didn’t go well.”

Panel 6: Snowball’s furry hand hits the confirm button, the final step for evacuation. The button clicks with a satisfying “TEK” sound.

Panel 7: Frontal view of Snowball in the Thumper again, but now thin robotic arms are placing and sealing a space suit on him.  Caption: “I felt an intense kind of fear I’d never felt before…”