Bun Detective Tales – The Beating Heart of Spacetown

Page 2

Panel 1: “Most think of Spacetown as its neon shinin’ topside, the great promenades lined with shops, crowded with fast-movin’ glamorous people… ”

Center-right a dark-purple-clad woman of somewhat full, pear-shaped form, rocking a magenta punk rock pompadour and holding an e-cig in a mid-20th century style long cigarette-holder provides a “glamorous people” example. Rightward, a Yoshi-like reptoid steps out from behind the woman, and further back, a suit coat-wearing bald elder black man, sporting just a wing of light violet hair above the ear, saunters right too. Backing the whole scene, there is the front of a big store, “General Store” emblazoned on the side of the covering over the entrance, above all there’s an enormous neon-type cyan billboard, “Dolphin Trucks,” with a dolly-cart designed to convey dolphins and the individual cetacean it’s bearing lit up in moving neon. Rightmost flanking the store, exposed beams, chrome, and metal grates. Exiting the General Store’s front doors, a long eared bun in a denim jacket. Also on the promenade before the store, a lop-eared bunny in a white and red striped shirt and an orange baseball cap, and, at leftmost, an old man of burnt sienna-skin with a trach, moving forward in his wheelchair.

Panel 2: “and the always diverse and unusual denizens, Spacetown bein’ haven for the more off-beat sentients.”

A one-eyed quadropus (four-armed octopus) in a scuffed bowler hat floats in the center in a personal hovercraft. Behold/under the quadropus, an intersection and a sidewalk wraps ’round a storefront.  Part of the word “couture” lit in neon-style pipes is seen fronting the store’s roof, and a woman in a dress of salmon pink walks into the storefront entrance. On the sidewalk alongside the store’s side wall, a mennonite meerkat strolls. At lowest-left-corner, a girl with shoulder-length fuchsia hair, and, at lowest-right-hand-corner, a frogman goes by.

Panel 3: “Few know about the beating heart of Spacetown, ‘neath the crystal towers…underside.”

Exterior of the exterior. Earth orbit. Globe holding cityscape of crystalline towers, a suspension bridge connecting two towers, other buildings, all appearing as lavender crystalforms from outside the flying city’s enclosure. Spacetown topside.  Underside’s below, its outer shell stained, unsightly and totally opaque and sealed except for the docking tubes.

Panel 4: “The core. Dat springs the true value, labor, and produce sustaining Spacetown,”

A detailed red onion, layers of maroons, burgundy, pinks (“beating heart of Spacetown”) is seen top-center before a background of broad brushstrokes of dark green.

Panel 5: “thems that ain’t suited to topside. Some have a gween thumb, so put paws to plantin’ “

Three triangles of light from grow lamps pelt the framed portion of the enclosed farm as amphibiod boy works seeds into the rows of soil with his hand.

Panel 6: “and some got-a-knack fer machines, are makers

A woman in an apron, goggles and a front-poofy hairdo uses welding tools on a cart, emitting a light green glow and the words WELD WELD WELD into the panel, brick and mortar archways behind.

Panel 7: “makin’ fer example, the tech allowin’ more of Earth’s species to adapt.”

How the woman’s dolly-carts end up, as Dolphin Trucks™. Two of the dolphins of Spacetown (called space dolphins or just dolphins) are seen in their two-wheeled, partially fishtank-encased Dolphin Trucks, conversing hurriedly in cetacean, eeeeeee-zwe-eeee and etc. in two speech bubbles, as the leftward-facing dolphin manipulates a lever on a big (largely off-screen) fish-growing aquarium.

Panel 8: “It’s undersiders who really bring in the onions, deliver the goods.”

In one of underside’s great corridors/concourses, backed with purple brick arches and dark fuchsia stone flooring, two undersiders are each carrying sacks of red onions balanced off a stick over a shoulder. The undersider at left resembles an olive-hued, unwashed David Bowie-oid in yellowing rags. At right, an undersider in a bright green Tee, with flowing blond locks framing glasses.