Bun Detective Tales – Part 1

Page 1

Panel 1: “5:55am- another day begins”

Bun sits on the edge of the bed and begins to get dressed, putting one arm in the sleeve of a shirt over his undershirt

Panel 2: “I live in the second room of my 2 room office, a Junior suite in…”

silhouette of Bun (prominent bunny ears) is seen through window and blinds, part of a long view looking up at the side of the building and the cityscape before purple dawn skies.

Panel 3: “Chinatown Tower, New York City. Space comes dearly here”

Multi-colored sky at dawn against city skyline; Chinatown Tower, with its traditional multiple inclined roofs, sweeping eaves every few stories before an elegant incline-roof tops it all off, is in the center.

Panel 4: “I’m a detective, and a bun. For anonymity, I go by Bun Detective. It’s a new day. Hopefully for a new case.”

Exterior window shot. Bun looks out the window pulling the blinds away from his face

Panel 5: “Just grab a hat roomy ‘nuff,”

Bun holds a hat standing next to a hat rack.

Panel 6: “And Im off to where I get mosta my cases”

Bun is now wearing his hat and coat, looking intent.