Bunnies in Space refers to a fictional universe and several rabbit stories within it, first created by Nick Dupree in June 2012.

The primary characters and storylines were developed in the Bunnies in Space webcomic, which you can read on the site: GET YOUR FREE COMIC HERE!

December 10th, 2012, Tim and Mulele of the Deconstructing Comics podcast devoted an edition of Critiquing Comics to reviewing the comic.

In May 2013, Nick created Bun Detective to experiment with spin-off possibilities.


Bunnies Go Literary 

In June 2013, Nick began writing a Bunnies in Space novel, a text-only project with the same unusual worldview and futurist setting but clearer plotlines for his characters and accessibility to readers of YA sci-fi and audiences of all ages.  He aims to offer a unique perspective on humanity and Earth’s different sorts of societies while providing a fun escape, a route off-world.

Sample chapter: Prologue

Sample chapter: Chapter One



General Marcus Lepidus 

























Captain Snowball





















for more bunny art, see the free comic or the “Best of Bunnies in Space artwork” set on Flickr