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Bunnies in Space—a long-form, sci-fi comic published at www.superdude.org—explained by me, its creator.
All art by me, its creator, Nick Dupree. All rights reserved.

“Bunnies innnn Spaaaaaaace” voiceover intro by Walei Sabry.


In a world where rabbits roam the space lanes…


Hello, this is Nick again, and I wanted to introduce you to my comic, Bunnies in Space.

First, bunnies rise up against their mistreatment in laboratories, they escape, they use stem cell technology to turn themselves into “bunmanoids,, ” which is humanlike, anthropomorphic buns.

Their goal is not to confront the humans. They’re mostly peaceful, except, the general,
Marcus Lepidus. He is a bun supremacist, and he has no patience for humans, and he’s a fairly complex character…

You know, there’s a lot going on with him; he is loyal to the republic above all else and he’s a great guy to have on your side, but his power is dangerous.

Then there’s Captain Snowball. He is kind of the everyman, I identify with him most. Captain Snowball makes first contact with aliens, and he tells them the story of Bunnies in Space.

Check it out…

The challenge of this type of storytelling is, you’re creating an entire world, and it’s unwieldy. It’s hard to compress the story of an entire universe into a comic. So, sometimes I try to put too much story into one page, sometimes it ends up being more novel than graphic novel. Sometimes I’m not focused as much as I’d like to be in the story.

I think that once we get into Chapter 2, which will be very soon… probably within 30 days, we’ll get into Chapter 2 and that will be much more focused writing, because I’ve learned from the mistakes I made in Chapter 1, and I can get better and better and better.

There’s gonna be a limited print run of Chapter 1 planned within the next few weeks. So I’ll go to New York Comic Con and have some copies of the Chapter 1 with me, in case anyone’s interested.

I hope you’ll check it out, and I look forward to doing more videos.

Thank you, and good night.