Why’s It Called “Superdude Comics?”

When I was 9-years old, a botched back surgery left me in tremendous pain, broken, and clinging to life in the hospital.  To help myself cope, I drawrred and colored ”Superdude” comic books with pens and crayons my mom (an art professor) brought, or even with ball point pens from the nurses’ station.  I created a comic book universe, where, unlike my life at the time, bad things could actually be stopped.  Friends would come read my newest comics, and it was the lifeline I had back to the community.  So I used that as much as I could.

Superdude even cheered a man in the (adjacent to the PICU) cancer unit, and he and I became fast friends.  Later, the local newspaper (The Mobile Press-Register) thought that this would make a good human interest story, and put it on the front page along with some of my Superdude panels inside, headlined something like “Boy Cartoonist Helps Dying Man.”   The story leaned heavily on the old, familiar “magic crippled boy” trope (almost like a cartooning Tiny Tim) but, honestly, I did kind of feel like Superdude and my comics were magical, they made me feel better mentally and physically, brought people to visit me and brought attention (wrestling star “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan even came to the hospital and signed my big Superdude sketchbook).   May 1, 1992, I left the hospital and moved back to our home, with 24/7 nursing care.  I kept drawing Superdude comics.  My friend died of cancer the following November; it was very sad.

I kept drawing Superdude comics; 1993 was my most productive year, producing over 30 comic books.  Many of my stories centered on current events (Superdude nemesis Devilish Dave was exposed as the culprit behind the first World Trade Center bombing, America’s worst ever E. coli outbreak, and the Oklahoma City bombing).  One day I hope to digitize all my older books and post them here on Superdude.org.

I keep the Superdude name, and I always will, because it represents the spirit that I began with, do it yourself techniques and the goal to divert, engage and immerse by creating imaginative, immersive parallel worlds.

I am grateful to have this web site and the platform for creating comics it offers; I drew a special 16-page “Superdude Returns” one-shot in 2010, the first comic I created specifically for the web, and “A Maccabee Story” comic for Hannukah 2010, based on the events in Maccabees 1-2, Book of Judith, both Greek texts written from Israel in an unambiguously nationalist Jewish perspective; these books are only included in the Old Testaments of Greek Orthodox/Roman Catholic bibles.  Another Biblical comic followed 2013-14, the “Story of Samson,” a verse-by-verse illustrated adaptation of the primordial Hebrew superhero story that precipitated all the others.

Beginning in late June 2012, I launched “Bunnies in Space“.

Bunnies in Space” is a sweeping, epic graphic novel about how a race of super-intelligent bunny rabbits began their own Bun Republic and became a space-faring species before mankind. Sci-fi adventure and biting political satire! Must-see!

I’m always eager to learn from and collaborate with other comic book creators interested in innovative webcomics; talk to fans who like my storylines, feel free to drop me a note.

For More About Me

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