This Thursday, bonus material! An animated map showing how the bun population spread into South Korea after their birth in a Seoul laboratory, then throughout North America before spreading into all Earth’s continents excepting Antartica. “Tokki-gool dong” (Korean for “rabbit-burrow town”) is the official name the bunnies use for the “sustainable rabbit communities” the narrator (Dr. Alvin Bunnington) mentioned on pg6. Though bun families and individuals are free to live on their own (and many do) many also choose these voluntary co-op sustainable communities, the first of which was the New Mexico Tokkigool Dong outside Santa Fe, NM, followed by the Tampico tokkigool dong safe haven in Mexico and then dozens more that sprung up after the war. My animated map touches on these points.

In a future animation, Dr. Bunnington will explain the inner workings of the New Mexico Tokkigool Dong, the historic first tokkigool dong established.