Nick Dupree

In A Bizarre World

Slits of light line my face
as I sit
and think of
a February girl
tight beige sweater,
red cafeteria chair, and

you all,
a bizarre world,
a life,
crusted in contradictions.

Past the award-shine
behind it all,
the lauded hero
red cafeteria chairs empty

another girl stands and
hands out a poem
she doesn't know
is about her.

Too much
behind my eyes.

catfish senators
their grins, candy cane ties
gray promises and gifts
it's all real but isn't.
orange guitar riffs

cinnamon raindrops from
red and white eyes
February girl hugs me, strobes away
watermelon confetti before lemonade skies
in my heart
mauve tornadoes in crystal bee hives

too much

and a February girl
that loves me but doesn't
a world
that loves me but doesn't

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