Nick Dupree

For J: may many beautiful Mardi Gras moments come your way …whether you see this or not. Je t'aime.

February 22

I enter the night
The moonlight shadows

ripple over my moving metal frame.
I stand in a corner on the dance floor

with a whirl,
backward look
an innocent wave of the hand
"come on"
looses me and pulls me to her

Her shiny wet hair, black
falls on nude shoulders.
green light shines down
caressing her shape
held back only by blue cotton
she smiles
shakes, glows

bask, drink.
soon the oasis will fade

she strobes in, out
hours finally end
a voice both husky and soft
says goodbye
hairs stand on end with her touch
gently and unknowingly unleashed.

I emerge from the night, return.
the tie, and a cake's

plastic butterfly
lie on the floor
after I'd left the bath of the chrome-shine moon


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